26 November 2014 Metropolis projects winning Urban Awards 2014

The Urban Awards 2014 ceremony took place in Moscow on November, 25th, 2014. Urban Awards is an annual competition in the field of urban residential property. This year several projects in which Metropolis was involved became the winners of Urban Awards - Microcity "V lesu", Residential complex "Park Rublevo" and the Mixed-use center "Vodny".

30 September 2014 Metropolis participates in the annual Rating of Russian employers 2014

This year Metropolis once again participated in the annual Rating of Russian employers 2014. We note that participation in this project helps us to define concurrence of actions by the company management, the Company strategy, business and HR priorities and staff satisfaction with the work.

The Rating results shall be published in the middle of March 2015.

02 August 2014 Metropolis team took part in the annual Team building

On August, 2, 2014 Metropolis team took part in the annual team building event - an exciting survival quest. Our staff was to solve various amusing tasks supporting each other in their challenges.

Our team building experience shows that it is more effective to reach goals, when some sort of a game reality is created, where staff positions and usual status are not important. The participants have other aims - amusing, sportive and intellectual, and to gain the victory, the players should act as a TEAM!

15 April 2014 A group of highly qualified specialists of a British company joined Metropolis team.

We are happy to announce that a group of highly qualified specialists from a major British design company joined the Metropolis team in April 2014. We hope that our new experienced colleagues will contribute to our further successful work with our Clients and open new prospects for development of our company.

13 March 2014 Metropolis ranked 82nd in the Rating of Russian Employers 2013

As a result of the 4th annual Rating of Russian employers published by Headhunter, Metropolis entered the top-100 companies and was ranked 82nd. The Rating of Russian employers gives a unique opportunity to demonstrate the status and successful work of the Company as an employer, gain recognition of colleagues and appreciation of the management. We thank our team, whose efforts helped us to be among the winners of the Rating. Congratulations to all our staff with this prestigious victory!

03 March 2014 Metropolis won the tender for the Grand Sports arena Luzhniki.

Metropolis won the tender for development of the Project and Working documentation for the Grand Sports arena Luzhniki.

21 October 2013 Metropolis became a member of The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Metropolis became a member of The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), which is an international not-for-profit organization supported by architecture, engineering, planning, development and construction professionals.

30 September 2013 VTB Arena park and Barkli Residence won European Property Awards 2013

European Property Awards 2013 ceremony took place in London on September 24th, 2013.This year 2 project in realization of which Metropolis company is involved were awarded the highest price of the competition, VTB Arena park and Barkli Residence.

08 May 2013 Metropolis among the "Captains of the Russian Business"

Metropolis gained diplomas in two nominations: "The best employer" and "The best HR director" of the "Captains of the Russian Business" 2013 Award.

13 February 2013 President inspected Sochi Main Media center

After presentation of the Main media center project by the President of the Injtransstroy Mr. Efim Basin, the Presednt characterized the project as "Grandios building"!

30 November 2012 "Microcity "V lesu" 2nd stage approved

"Microcity "V lesu" 2nd stage ofconstruction gotPositive appraisal by Moscow region state expertise.

02 October 2012 Positive expertise appraisal Residential complex "Old Bitsa"

Positive appraisal by Moscow region state expertise is received for the project Residential complex "Old Bitsa".

10 August 2012 Happy Construction Worker Day!

Sincere congratulations on the professional holiday - The Construction Worker Day!

25 June 2012 Shopping mall "Gallery Krasnodar 2" got positive expertise appraisal

Positive expertise appraisal is received for Entertainment shopping mall "Gallery Krasnodar 2" project.

19 June 2012 Positive expertise appraisal for Mixed-use complex with Kempinski Hotel

Due to high level of professionalism of Metropolis project team one more of our projects got positive expertise appraisal.

18 May 2012 Metropolis on Elbrus

For the first time in th history Metropolis flag was set on Elbrus!

18 May 2012 Siemens Headquarters office is certified by LEED (Gold)

On 13.03.2012 the Siemens Headquarters building was officially certified under LEED standard with assignment of the Gold level of compliance. This is the first project of this level in Moscow and 2nd LEED certified in Russia.

17 May 2012 Opportunities of Allplan

Allplan has allowed us not only to work with greater comfort, and to achieve the desired effect - reducing design time and improve the quality of the projects, to reduce the likelihood of errors and collisions. Allplan has changed the approach to work, now every employee involved in the project, it is engaged in the design, rather than drawing.