Метрополис вошел в победители топ-100 лучших работодателей России 2013

Metropolis ranked 82nd in the Rating of Russian Employers 2013

As a result of the 4th annual Rating of Russian employers published by Headhunter, Metropolis entered the top-100 companies and was ranked 82nd.

The Rating of Russian employers gives a unique opportunity to demonstrate the status and successful work of the Company as an employer, gain recognition of colleagues and appreciation of the management. We thank our team, whose efforts helped us to be among the winners of the Rating. Congratulations to all our staff with this prestigious victory!

The rating of Russian employers is a large-scale project, organized by HeadHunter. The Russian employers’ rating is an integral indicator of the company’s attractiveness as an employer, which includes the assessment of the company’s both external and internal HR-brand. Participation in the Rating is free and open for all companies numbering over 100 staff. The Rating is prepared using the world practice and approach to assessment of companies in three aspects:

public opinion - job seekers looking for the job or employed by other companies. They select companies where they would like to work using methodology approved by PwC;

opinion of professionals - HR-specialists fill in a professional questionnaire developed by HeadHunter estimating the level of work with staff and the effectiveness of the HR-function;

opinion of company staff - research company "ECOPSY Consulting" will study work involvement of the staff of companies-participants from the point of view of three parameters - satisfaction, loyalty and support for initiative.

PwC estimated the correctness of using the rating methodology and undertook the rating audit. The partner of the rating that estimated the involvement of staff is "Ecopsy Consulting".