Opportunities of Allplan

By request of ZAO "European Technologies and Service" Metropolis company was engaged in development of a part of the Detail Design of a mixed-use sports and family health and rehabilitation complex in Moscow. Construction of the complex is planned for 2011-2012. Now, after 3 months of work and extensive use of the Allplan Structural design, development of the structural chapter of the detail design is successfully complete.

Oasis sports complex of family health and rehabilitation

In the southern part of Yasenevo, in an environment of the picturesque birch wood, on the merge of the river of Bittsa and Yasenevsky stream, far from city vanity, a unique park is being constructed. The park has no analogs in Russia and unites traditional and modern developments in the field of rest and health improvement. The decision on construction of a multipurpose sports complex of family rest and rehabilitation was made in 2004, complex commissioning is planned for 2012. Authors of the project (Construction Company "Techstroy") tried to use to the maximal extend possible the rich natural environment, having united in organic whole the complex space and a forest park surrounding it.

Total area of the complex equal to 54 600 sq.m and its official name – A multipurpose sports complex of family rest and rehabilitation of health and the temple chapel tell about the scale and objectives of the complex.In accordance with the space-planning design, the complex is the modern complex and large-scale composition a dominating role in which (despite the insignificant size) plays the temple chapel.

The following functional zones are presented:

  • rehabilitation center, having visited which it is possible to be transferred on the coast of the wood lake, where everyone can restore forces, de-stress, restore the physical condition after traumas;
  • bathing complex with eight types of baths varying by the temperature influence and design, e.g. saunas, Russian and Turkish baths;
  • fitness the center surrounded with the buried in greenery of a winter garden;
  • SPA center which main concept is the Mediterranean resorts theme;
  • aquapark with a set of water attractions, hydromassage baths, pools and game zones for children.

Turning ideas into reality: objective setting

The scope of Metropolis company included development of the Structural Detail design of the two of six blocks of the complex: office and administrative, entrance recreational blocks and passage structures. Considered blocks represent a three-storeyed building with single-level underground parking with solid-cast reinforced concrete framework. Pitch of pillars mainly 6,0 x 6,0 m.

The elevated part of a building is presented by a three-storeyed structure of a complex configuration on the plan (in the form of a twisting horizontal tape). Columns, overlappings, walls and staircases solid-cast reinforced concrete. The foundation piled rafts. The design and construction task was complicated by the fact that part of one block structures had been already erected. The project provided dismantle of some structures and partial preservation of the existing. (On the illustration bellow existing structures are shown in orange color).


At all design stages of this project Metropolis engineers used Allplan Structural Design: for preparation of drawings of timbering, reinforcing, structures location schemes, units and details, and obtaining all necessary specifications.

Overall advantages of the uniform design process

According to Olga Birichevskaya, Senior Structural engineer at Metropolis, application of the Allplan allowed to solve a complex of the tasks typical for design process.Allplan 4.jpg

First of all, Allplan allowed reaching absolute uniformity of the issued documentation by introduction of the project documentation standard.The company Bureau Standard was developed taking into account all specifics of the documentation development process in Metropolis company and active normative standards.

Besides, Allplan provided a possibility of storage and convenient use of standard practices of the company: standard units and details are easily available to each project team member. Using the symbols catalog, an engineer doesn't need to address to the old projects of the company any more to apply used earlier standard decision.

Thanks to such tools as Building structure, The dispatcher of the planes and The structure of drawings in the course of design was constructed a clear and transparent scheme of the project which is rather straightforward and easy to use, starting from the model and its derivatives (plans and cross-sections) and to the sets of drawings.

The designed building has a sophisticated configuration on plan. Each overlapping in it is unique.

Design process was complicated by the fact that on the structural detail design development stage it was necessary to adapt for frequent changes in architecture, including overlapping contours. Allplan tools made it possible to change documentation quickly and without serious consequences. In spite of the fact that existence of curvilinear elements complicates the process of calculation of the materials use, Allplan coped with this task easily.

As have been mentioned above, the part of existing structures in the project is dismantled, and the other part remains. The tool Transformation for reconstruction helped a lot when working with these elements. This tool allows arranging structures by type "dismantled", "kept" or "newly erected". It promotes understanding of the structures behavior and project vision as a whole due to clear visualization and distinctions in displays of existing and newly erected structures.

Furthermore the project contained elements with very saturated reinforcing beams with apertures for pass of engineering communications. Using the mode Reinforcing with model allowed considering in more detail units of difficult interfaces of elements and to monitor collisions of reinforcement cores.

In end Olga Birichevskaya notes one more important advantage of the Allplan: As enormous advantage it should be noted that the young specialists only beginning their professional way, developing this or that part of the project, ceased to perceive a design as certain abstract lines on the drawing, and understand how it looks like in reality. See the structural scheme of a building in volume.

Simplicity and advantage of parallel work in 2D and 3D

Due to the possibility of universal use of 2D and 3D modes Metropolis structural engineers could take out many advantages from a combination of these two methods of work.Allplan-model2Applying a principle of model everything what can be modeled 3D models of the building, separate structural parts and units were created. This method allowed extracting from the existing 3D model all necessary types of sections, types and units, and also gave opportunity of fast and convenient editing of the model and the drawings based on it. Completion of units, sections and cross-sections, as well as a part of works on reinforcing was carried out by means of 2D modules. As Olga Birichevskaya explains: Even having started to work in 3D it is possible to continue working with the project in 2D and on the contrary. Simplicity of switching between work modules in 2D and 3D at any design stage made design process more evident, pliable to any changes that in the conditions of nowadays design conditions is very important factor.

Data exchange process with the project external parties

We carried out data exchange and issue of design briefs for other project chapter development by means of import of Allplan drawings into DWG and PDF format. This tool is realized in Allplan in the best way. Data are transferred in the DWG format with exclusive accuracy. Moreover, even documentation standards transferred into DWG format corresponds to our corporate standards. Thus, the customer, the architect and other project participants receive reliable information with possibility of viewing, printing, adjustment and commenting in a form convenient for them.

Interaction between the project team members

Due to Allplan possibilities we achieved an absolute transparency of the design process. Now the group of engineers on each stage of the project development is in the uniform Allplan environment, works on the uniform model of a building. Allplan tools, such as Project structure and Structure of drawings, data exchange process between project participants became ordered and simple, from the technical point of view. The changes made by one of the participants, becomes available at once to all design team. Each participant has access to the data about decisions made in other parts of the project. Procedure of tasks setting, control and check of the execution of tasks becomes considerably simpler.

Why Allplan?

At a certain stage we reached our "ceiling" in respect to the use of traditional methods of 2D design. A new problem solving approach was necessary for receiving additional effect in speed of development and quality of issued projects - the approach allowing easily coping with modern design objectives. Nowadays, projects develop very dynamically, continuous coordination with other participants of the project, updating of the accepted decisions taking into account wishes and requirements of the customer, the architect, experts of all engineering sections is required.Modern buildings represent the live organism serving for ensuring of people's comfort which live, work and have a rest in his environment. To create such an organism, design process should be very accurately organized and fine-tuned.

Taking into account these features, the product in which at professional level everything were realized if not, almost all needs of the designer from the sketch to a detail design stage was necessary. Allplan allowed us working not simply with big comfort, and to reach demanded effect - but to lower terms of design and to increase quality of issued projects, to reduce probability of of mistakes and collisions. Allplan changed an approach to the work, now each employee participating in a project, is engaged in design, instead of plotting.