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Engineering infrastructure at the Skolkovo innovation center performs is an effective system for providing the center with a full range of communal services that create comfortable, ecologically sound living conditions for residents and guests. The territory of the Skolkovo innovation center is in fact is a sort of laboratory, in which the best modern innovations and technology in the field of urban planning, proven effective through implementation in significant projects in European Union member states, are put into practice in the Russian context. The Skolkovo innovation center is the entry into the Russian market of technology that is at once tested and cutting edge (

On the stage of the development of the "Territory planning project" Metropolis specialists among other tasks executed the following works:

  • identification of the perspective utilities loads for general resources supply by utility type;
  • identification of the trunk utilities lines direction and parameters of the technical zones, allocation of the head works for engineering utilities and infrastructure zones planning;
  • specification of the principal engineering infrastructure solutions (networks);
  • preparation of the joint engineering utilities plan with indication of the electric, heat, water supply and sewerage systems, communication networks and objects, waste processing networks and objects.

Presentation materials are provided by the Architectural workshop "SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov" (


Moscow region

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3 980 000


  • Master Plan