Residential complex in Moscow Region

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Complex multifamily housing and accompanying infrastructure objects development on the land lot located in Lenin municipal area of Moscow Region.

According the architectural and planning concepts the modern residential district is divided into the following functional zones:

  • residential area;
  • social and public services objects;
  • the recreational;
  • engineering infrastructure;
  • transport and other roadside infrastructure.

13 multisection houses, sites for two kindergartens on 115 and 130 places and regular school on 1.100 in the walking distance are designed n the territory of the residential complex. The territory of a housing estate has all necessary objects of social infrastructure.

Placement of the major part of the social objects which are not requiring their own territory is planned in the ground floors of the residential buildings and in shopping center with a sports and recreation centre. Also the project provided construction of multilevel open parking consisting of two independent blocks.

Presentation materials are provided by the Architectural workshop "SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov" (


Moscow region

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