Pokrovskoye-Rubtsovo cottage settlement

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Premium class cottage settlement Pokrovskoye-Rubtsovo is located at the right hilly bank of Malaya Istra river in Istra district of Moscow Region. The settlement area once belonged to the 18th century old Russian country estate which at different times was owned by the writer Dmitry Golokhvastov and spouses Savva and Zinaida Morozovy. The main house and the park of the estate have been preserved and restored.

The layout of the cottage settlement has a trifoil structure and is divided into four parts: Royal - the central residential area adjacent to the park, a western beam - Tsarskoye selo, a northern beam - Dvoryanskoye gnezdo and the north-eastern beam - Rubtsovskiy Posad.

While preserving the spirit of old times, the cottage settlement is provided with a unique infrastructure complying with the highest requirements to the life quality. It includes a SPA-centre with a swimming pool, tennis courts, a fitness centre, a private club with a library, a fireplace hall and a children centre.

Metropolis specialists developed the design of 4 types of houses with allocation on the Master plan.

In 2014 the cottage settlement Pokrovskoye Rubtsovo became the winner of the international real estate and finance award TREFI.The complex was recognized as the best premium class cottage settlement.


Moscow region

Total area

32 000


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