Проект ЖК «Серебряный фонтан» сертифицирован по «зеленому» стандарту Green Zoom

Silver Fountain Residential project received Green Zoom Platinum certificate

Silver Fountain residential complex - the project implemented with participation of Metropolis team - received a Platinum certificate of the Green Zoom Standard. It became the first residential business-class development in Moscow certified to a green standard. 

The project was also recognized as the best residential complex in Moscow at Green Awards 2017. The official awarding ceremony took place in Moscow on 13, September at the Proestate International investment forum.  

Green Zoom is a professional Russian standard for energy efficiency and sustainability. Developed in 2014 it was based on the ideas and practices of LEED and BREEAM standards with a focus on the Russian market. 

Metropolis team developed the project documentation for the residential complex, in particular structural and MEP solutions, energy efficiency and environmental protection measures, construction management plan and site utilities. 

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The picture is taken from the Project web-site