Preparation for hosting Olympic Games of 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cup brought construction of sports venues across Russia to a new level. In cooperation with leading international design companies Metropolis engineers have been working on several stadiums and sports arenas in various Russian cities. The developed projects satisfy the requirements of FIFA and BREEAM standard.

Sports venues are complicated projects both structurally and in terms of engineering services and thus require high qualification of engineers. Calculations of long span structures must satisfy the highest safety and reliability requirements. Meanwhile, stadium engineering utilities must comply with the requirements of many specific services, such as security, medical, emergency, information and lots of others.

Holding international events requires a modern failure-free telecommunications system to ensure simultaneous TV broadcasts to various corners of the world and enable uninterrupted work of a great number of journalists from all over the world. The leading role in engineering utilities is a perfect building management system.

Despite the functional similarity of all stadiums, each of them is unique, having its distinct architecture, purpose, size and geodetic conditions. Many sports arenas have to be transformable to enable holding a variety of sports competitions and cultural events.