One of the advantages of our company is experience in development of high-rise and unique projects. Buildings over 75 m high allow maximum economy in use of expensive land plots, whereas unique projects allow to create buildings fitting well into any architectural, natural and functional environment. However, all such projects require particular approach towards project development.

In most cases modern high-rise buildings serve various town planning tasks combining different functions from residential and retail to offices and hotels and therefore require complex design approach.

Over the years Metropolis gained considerable experience in development of high-rise and unique projects. Membership with the international organization - Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat - allows us to be aware of the latest achievements in skyscraper design and construction.

While developing a high-rise building project, special attention is paid to fire safety and reliability of structural solutions. It is necessary to consider the wind loads, geological conditions and mutual influence of constructed projects and the surrounding buildings. Slight changes in the building geometrical layout on a master plan may considerably reduce or increase building utility loads from solar radiation.

Taking into account tall buildings' saturation with engineering utilities, special requirements are applied to provide for the necessary level of comfort and energy efficiency. Moreover, it is necessary to consider permitted levels of hydrostatic pressure both in heating systems and in water supply and sewerage systems. Often mechanical ventilation systems are used in multi-storey towers, in order to maintain the required microclimate parameters of temperature and relative humidity at all levels of the building. To ensure permanent monitoring of the systems state and operation, all building services are connected to the Building management system.

All these and many other factors, depending on the functionality of the building are successfully considered by our specialists in the process of the high-rise and unique projects development.