Water Parks


Designing modern water parks, complex mixed-use facilities, is a responsible task requiring specific individual approach to each project. An indoor water park is a building of considerable dimensions, which should not only adorn the urban space but also comply with the highest technical requirements.

Today it is not enough just to provide a water park with a swimming pool and waterslides. In addition to water attractions, an entertainment park usually comprises saunas, baths, tanning salons, massage rooms and SPA centres, cafes and restaurants, bowling and other additional services for proper family holidays.

A reliable framework of a water park building must bear permanent or continuous effect of a humid artificial climate inside a water park in combination with changing weather conditions.

An artificial climate created inside premises needs to be zoned to ensure most comfortable conditions. Areas of high humidity must be separated from recreational zones and rooms with normal conditions.

All the above factors require careful attention on development of specific design chapters, such as ventilation and air conditioning systems, water treatment, architectural and structural solutions, access control system etc.

The experience of Metropolis specialists enables us to develop projects of water parks, swimming pools and SPA centres, applying the latest equipment and considering all project peculiarities to ensure creation of comfortable conditions for leisure.