Metropolis at the International Textile Roofs Workshop

On May, 24, Metropolis chief structural engineer Alexander Plotnikov took part in the 23rd International Workshop for design and practical use of Architectural Membrane Structures - Textile Roofs 2018. The Workshop was organized by Academus GmbH (Berlin, Germany) and held in the Moscow Architectural Institute. It addressed various aspects of design and use of membrane structures, presented in scientific lectures and demonstrations of outstanding world projects. European and Russian experts gave their reports, in particular, Prof. Dr. Dmitry Shvidkovsky, rector of the Moscow Architectural Institute, Prof. Vladimir Ermolov, founder and director of Verteco Co., representatives from foreign companies. Participation in the Workshop will allow to expand our expertise in the field of membrane structures.

Alexander Plotnikov commented:

'In general, the Workshop left a good impression and was useful informatively. I would note the report of Jurgen Hennicke on the history and development of membrane structures.By the way he is a former assistant to Otto Frei, the founder of this direction in architecture. Dieter Strbel's report on computer modeling of lightweight membrane structures was also welcomed by the participants. It addressed such issues as finding optimal shape of membrane structures, controlling the work strain by changing the geometry thereof during construction, economical ways of cutting woven membranes etc. There was a presentation of FormFinder and Easy software products that allow to solve such tasks. I also had a good impression from the report of Andrey Moroz, Lommeta company, devoted to the use of ETFE translucent film in facade walling of various prefabricated buildings (mainly public buildings), in particular Dry feet galleries in Moscow, planetarium in Novosibirsk etc. The film has high strength characteristics, regulated translucent properties, architectural plasticity, lightness and in many cases may be considered as a serious option as compared to common glazing both in building roofs and facades'.