Ocean Park mixed-use complex

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Moscow ocean park at Poklonnaya Gora was meant to become the biggest in Europe. Its construction started in 2006, but was suspended due to economic reasons.

Ocean Park is a huge mixed-use complex that in addition to aquarium displays comprises an educational centre, entertainment areas, shops, offices, a hotel, restaurants and an underground car park. It was anticipated that the aquarium exhibition would be divided into several theme zones where various animals from all over the planet would be represented. Thus, the aquarium exhibition was to include such climatic areas, as Lake Baikal, the Volga, the Caspian and the Black Seas, Africa, along with such theme zones as the Lagoon, Coral Reef, Sharks Theater, Shipwreck, Rays and others. One of the most interesting ocean park exhibitions was planned in the Touch Pool area, which would not only allow to see remarkable representatives of the aquatic fauna, but also touch them.

A special pride would be an acrylic tunnel forming the presence effect and allowing the visitors to experience the underwater feeling. The depth of the main aquarium tank would become record high for Europe - 12.6 m, and its capacity would come up to 10 million litres.



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160 000


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