Grand Sports Arena Luzhniki

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Reconstruction of the Grand Sports Arena Luzhniki.

It is a year-round football stadium with a possibility for holding cultural and entertainment events. The Stadium meets the requirements of FIFA for stadiums hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The reconstruction design provides for preservation of existing facade and roof structures, with an extension of the translucent roof cantilever above the spectators' seats.

The total spectator capacity of the stadium is up to 81,000. The Arena is transformable and can be used for various cultural, entertainment and sports events. The project includes a play field, audience facilities, administrative, office, retail areas in compliance with the requirements for holding final games of the World Cup at the highest level.

The design solutions ensure compliance with the requirements of BREEAM certification. In January 2018 Luzhniki obtained BREEAM Bespoke certificate.



Total area

221 000


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  • Detail Design