Etalon-City Residential complex

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A modern comfort class residential complex Etalon-City is being constructed in the South-West of Moscow at 13, Starokrymskaya Street, near Butovo recreational forest, occupying the area of about 15 ha. The complex is located in one of the most comfortable areas of Moscow and has well developed social and transport facilities.

In addition to residential buildings, the complex includes commercial areas, a school, a kindergarten and an educational centre.

According to the architectural concept of the project authors - Buro Speech - each building of the residential complex shall have distinctive features of world famous cities. This idea is reflected not only in facade solutions, but also in finishes of public areas and in the landscape design.

The design and construction of the complex involves several stages. During the first stage three multi-section residential blocks of about 73 m are constructed. The second stage includes the public and residential complex comprised of six high-rise residential blocks with an underground car parking, retail and social facilities and a science park.

Maximum height - 99,8 m

Presentation materials are provided by the Architectural bureau SPEECH (



Total area

440 000


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