Rublevo-Arkhangelskoye mixed-use complex

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The main idea of the residential area Rublevo-Arkhangelskoye is design of a complex district based on the principals of sustainable development.

In line with various residential buildings the project includes full scope infrastructure development: social (schools, kindergartens, medical centers, etc.) and commercial (shops, restaurants, cafes, fitness-centres, etc.).

The concept of Rublevo-Arkhangelskoye provided for development of a comfortable livable area, which would include creation of additional workplaces. One of the key elements of the area is a new office complex comprising seven buildings of various 8 to 17 floor numbers.

The buildings are connected by air bridges located at different floor levels, from 3 to 10.

A single three-level underground space is provided under the complex, which comprises a car park, plantrooms and auxiliary areas.

Ground floors are designed for retail, recreational and special premises and a food court; the rest of the floors are designed for offices.



Total area

392 200


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