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Barkli Residence is a new premium class residential complex located in Donskoy district of Moscow, at Ordzhonikidze Street. The Complex consists of two towers 17 and 18 storeys high, with a common low-rise area. The underground areas accommodate a three-level car park.

A highly developed infrastructure of the complex offers all necessary conditions for comfort living of its dwellers. The low-rise part includes shops, bank departments, offices, health complex, beauty salon, children's play club. Penthouses located at higher levels of the complex have terraces and a dedicated exit to the roof. A landscaped guarded territory of the complex includes a children's playground, walking and rest areas.

The design allowed for cutting-edge technologies in building services. The residential complex is provided with central air conditioning, supply and extract ventilation, water treatment systems, a multi-level safety system. A 'smart house' technology ensures integration of all building services into a single system which allows to control the microclimate, lighting and many other functions.

In 2013 Barkli Residence became the winner of the European Property Awards in two categories - 'Best Development Multiple Units' and 'Residential High-rise Development'. Besides, Barkli Residence was one of the finalists at Urban Awards 2013 in the category 'Moscow best premium class residential complex under construction'.


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