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Business centre Alcon is a new A-class office development located in the North administrative district of Moscow next to one of the main traffic arteries Leningradsky prospect. Four spacious blocks of various floor numbers (8 - 11) are united with a two-level underground car park.

Top three levels in each building are occupied by spectacular landscaped terraces with panoramic views, which not only ensure comfort during meetings and business coffee breaks, but also give a unique look to the complex amid other buildings of the district.

Each building has a multi-floor height atrium, which provides maximum natural lighting for internal spaces housing office rooms, retail and public catering areas. Convenient and effective work conditions for employees and visitors of the Business centre are formed owing to creative structural solutions and modern achievements in building services development.

The initial design of the buildings was developed by Fitzroy Robinson in 2007 and provided for the use of light facade panels of ceramic granite. However, the architectural solutions were further modified by ADM company, in particular, light facade panels were replaced with terracotta ones.

In 2013 Business Centre Alcon became the winner of REXAWARDS as the Best A-class office and was nominated for CRE Moscow Awards 2013.



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