Alcon II business centre

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Mixed-use complex Alcon II is the second phase of a uniform A-class Business complex Alcon in the North administrative district of Moscow.

The 9-storey business centre will be located in the front line of Leningradsky prospect, next to Sokol metro station, in a lively district with a well developed infrastructure.

The first two floors of the complex are divided into three separate volumes connected with passage galleries towards an office complex located in the second building line. Entrance to Alcon II is both from Leningradsky prospect and from Alcon business centre located at the adjacent site.

Reception and waiting areas, cafes and retail premises are located at the first two floors of the complex, whereas levels 3 to 9 comprise modern office spaces. Level 7 is intended for a canteen for office staff, and plantrooms are located at level 8.

A three-level underground car parking is designed for 500 car spaces and has both open plan car parking areas and a two-level car storage system.

Presentation materials are provided by the Architectural Dialogue with the Megapolis company (



Total area

45 480


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