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In the context of preparation for Sochi Olympic games, Metropolis carried out a number of large scale projects, one of which was the Main Media Centre. It became the main information ground of the Olympic and Paralympic games ensuring the work of over 8,000 mass media representatives.

The ground floor of the Media Centre comprised staff and visitors service areas, catering facilities, press centre areas, personnel services and other facilities necessary for effective work of the journalists. The first floor located Broadcast and Press Centres, a food court and a conference centre with meeting rooms of various capacity. A hotel for mass media representatives is located in close proximity to the Media Centre and has a capacity of 600 guests.

The Media Centre building is provided with advanced energy efficient building services. The Building management system ensures control over the state of equipment and timely transfer of information.

The project was unique in that it involved a two-phase design approach. An ultra modern information ground that ensured high-speed transfer of information to journalists all over the world, after the Olympics was given a second life having become a platform for holding major forums and conferences. The complex is currently used for activities of the children's fund developing talents in art and science.

was meant to become the greatest shopping and entertainment centre in the area following completion of the Olympics. The shopping mall would have a hypermarket, a multiplex cinema and a food court.

The design solutions made allowance for complicated engineering and geological conditions of the construction site – high seismic activity, underwater and flooding as a result of heavy rain falls. The design solutions provided for building compartmentation with aseismic joints and monitoring of deformations.

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