Silver City Mixed-use complex

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A-class business center located in Moscow, Serebryanicheskaya quay, bld.29 includes 2-level underground parking, cafeteria, sales area located on the ground floor level and office premises. The business center is divided into 7 and 9-storied blocks connected by atrium of translucent structure.

The business center’s design was a subject to the special requirements due to the building location in the culture and monument protection area in the center of Moscow.

The mixed-use complex includes:

  • Underground area – parking with a floats and technical premises;
  • Semi-basement level - parking, restaurant, store, security office,
  • Entry group to the office premises, underground parking floats, loading dock;
  • 1-8th floors office premises;
  • 9th floor - technical.



Total area

56 000


  • Detail Design